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IQAC Cell is playing a vital role in decision making & implementation of  all the activities which are related to academic  & infrastructure development of the  institution.


To promote quality culture as the primary concern of institute through institutionalization  and internalizing  all the  initiatives taken with internal & external support.


* To develop a system of  consistent  action to improve academic and administrative performance of the institution.
*To assure all the stake holders connected to the institution about the quality of education.


* Progressive and efficient  performance of academic  and  administrative tasks.
* Credibility  of evaluation procedures
*Equitable and  affordable access of academic programme  for various sections of society.
*Relevance and  Quality  of academic   and research programmes.
* Adequacy  and  proper allocation  of  support services and  structure.


To develop and  apply quality parameters for different academic & Administrative activities.
*To organize workshops  & seminars.
*Documentation of Various activities .
*To prepare AQAR to be submitted  to NAAC .
*Dissemination of information on various  quality  parameters of higher education.


*Act as a change agent in the institution
* Provide a sound basis for decision making  to improve  institutional functioning.
* Build an organized  mechanism for documentation and  internal Communication.
* Ensure internalization of  quality culture at institute.
*  Ensure  co-ordination  among various activities of institution  & Implementation  of  good practices.


Tikaram PG
Girls College

Tika Ram PG Girls College is the manifestation of the dream seen by its founder, the legendary saintly figure Ch. Tika Ram. During the span of last twenty five years since its establishment in 1992

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