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  1. Classes will be held as per the time table. The Principal reserves the right to make any changes as and when required.
  2. Students are prohibited to use mobiles in the college campus.
  3. Girls are not allowed to leave the college before 1:00 pm.
  4. Students should be particular about their attendance and performance in pre-semester exams and class tests - failing which they may not be allowed to appear in University exams.
  5. It is responsibility of the students to collect attendance details from the subjects teachers as the end of each session.
  6. Every student must carry her ID through- out her stay in the college campus.
  7. Attendance is mandatory for every student in college functions / events.
  8. Walking and talking in corridors during class time will invite punishment.
  9. Whoever directly or indirectly participates in strike or any kind of misbehavior shall be suspended, expelled, or rusticated from the institution and shall be liable to fine.
  10. Proxy at the time of Roll-call is an offence.
  11. The students of courses such as B.B.A/B.C.A/B.B.E/B.Sc./PGDCA etc shall have to wear prescribed dress during the academic year.
  12. Students shall refrain from:
  13. Causing damage to college building, furniture or any other property.
  14. Making noise in/outside the class-rooms.
  15. Students can meet the office staff any day after 10:00 am and the Principal after 2:00 pm for any official matter.
  16. Guardians are allowed to meet their wards with the prior permission of the Principal.
  17. No student can display any notice on the notice board.
  18. Students have to reach in their class-rooms at the stroke of the college bell.
  19. Keeping in mind the career of the students, admission in Add-on-Courses may be compulsory according to the eligibility of students.

Ban on Ragging (In Educational Institutions)

As per the Supreme Court ruling dated 16 May, 2007, ragging of students (both physical and mental will be considered a criminal ofference. FIR shall be lodged against students who are found guilty and their admission will be cancelled with immediate effect.)


In each courses, every student will have to fulfill the condition of 65%(theory and practical separately) minimum of attendance as per the relevant ordinance. However for the students of post graduation, the minimum attendance required in each paper is 65%. A candidate who has not attended the percentage of lectures/ practical ect. as prescribed by the university and the deficiency there of not been condoned by the Principal shall not be eligible to appear in the exams.
Note- if a student remains absent continuously for 10 days in any subject/ course , her name will be struck off the fact that she has paid her dues. A fine of Rs 5/- per lecture/day shall be charged on account of remaining absent from the classes. Fee is non refundable. College fee and other charges, once paid, will not be refunded in any case.

Rules Regarding Leave

  1. Leave upto 4 days will be sanctioned by the concerned Professor.
  2. Leave for 5-7 days will be sanctioned by the Head of Department/ Dean.
  3. Leave beyond 7 days will be sanctioned by the Principal.
  4. Medical leave beyond 4 days will be sanctioned on the production of medical certificate issued by a competent authority.

Rules for leaving college

  1. The Principal is authorized to strike off the name of any student from the college roll.
  2. Student wishing to leave the college shall submit on application to the Principal and she will have to deposit all her dues.
  3. Student laving the college shall not get any refund of the fee or security.
  4. Those who give up studies in between or migrate to other college or university will not be entitled to claim any type of fee.

Identity Card of students

  1. Identity card are issued to the beneficial students of the college at the start of academic session
  2. Entry in the college premises will not be allowed without ID under any circumstances.
  3. ID card is also needed for getting books issued from the library.

Internal Assessment

The evaluation of the internal assessment work shall be conducted in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the university for the various courses. All concerned teachers, heads and Principal shall ensure that these guidelines are followed and proper record is maintained. It is 20% marks in B.A., B.Com./B.Sc. 1st to 6th semester, 20% marks in PG classes and 25% marks in B.B.A,B.B.E., B.P.Ed. and PGDCA ect. it shall be assigned on the basis of her attendance, class-tests, assignments, three monthly tests and seminar presentation etc.

Academic Achievements

Education does not mean only to acquire knowledge rather it means overall development of 6th students. Excellence in academics, culture activities and sports has been a custom of the college. Our students have done us proud in getting university position in various fields which is the ample prof of our excellence. Another feather was added to our crowning glory many student of our college qualified U.G.C., NET and JRF test.

Vehicle stand

There is facility of vehicle stand in the college only those students who have paid their dues for the same will be allowed to park their vehicle in parking. A student will have to pay (Rs 1200 per annum) the parking fee for the whole year even if she brings for a day or two (100/- per month)

Notice Board

All important notices concerning the students and college activities are put up on the general notice board. The students are required read the notices every day. Information regarding college tours, college magazine, examination, vacations is also put up the notice board from time to time.

Payment of Dues

Every student shall have to deposit fees and other dues by the stipulated date. Delay in payment – beyond the stipulated date shall entail a fine of Rs. 10/- per day. The name of the students shall be struck off if the students fails to pay the dues by the date fixed by the college.

Tikaram PG
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Tika Ram PG Girls College is the manifestation of the dream seen by its founder, the legendary saintly figure Ch. Tika Ram. During the span of last twenty five years since its establishment in 1992

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