Tika Ram PG Girls College


The college deserves the pride to have an exceptionally beautiful lush green campus, magnificent building of architectural beauty spreading catering to overall development of more than 2000 students. Well located and protected campus is the second heaven for the young girls now a days.

Class Room and Common Room

Besides spacious and well-furnished classrooms, the college has got optimally-equipped laboratories for conducting practical in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education, Geography, Psychology, computer etc. There also exists adequately furnished Common Rooms in the college. The Common Rooms has been provided with modern amenities like water-cooler, room-coolers, newspapers, magazine and various types of indoor games.

Smart Class Rooms and Seminar Hall

The facility of on-line study is available in the well equipped smart class room. Smart class room provides the modern amenities of teaching.

The college has fully furnished Audio-Video, air-conditioned seminar hall equipped with computer and DLP projector for power point presentations, extension lectures, discussions, debate & declamations etc.

Power backup

In addition to power supply by UHBVN, the college also has power backup to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to the entire campus including College hostel.

Mineral Water RO Plant

College has its own mineral water (RO) plant in the college campus. Entire college is supplied with the mineral water from the plant.