Co Curricular Activities

College Activities and Events

Tree Planting

Planting trees was also organized on the occasion of 75th Independence day 2021

Flag Hoisting 15th August, 2021

Covid-19 Vaccination

To stop the spread of Corona Virus vaccination was done in Tikaram Girls College on 12th April 2021. Teaching and non teaching staff above the age of 45 got vaccinated. Principal Dr Monika Verma got the first dose of vaccine and inspired other staff members also to get vaccinated.

Collage Making Competition

Collage Making Competition was organized by Psychology Department on 20 February, 2021 in which 1st position got Tanya BA 2nd, Kajal BA 2nd from Tika Ram PG Girls College
2nd position got Tannu BA 2nd, Himani BA final from Tau Devi Lal College for women Murthal
3rd position got Ashima BA final, Payal BA 2nd from Adharsh Mahila Mahavidhalya Bhiwani
Consolation goes to Neha BA final, Komal BA final from Hindu Girls College, Sonipat

Career Opportunities for Sports Students

An extension lecture was organized by Sports Department on 6 March, 2021. The topic of this lecture was 'Career Opportunities for Sports Students'. Dr. Baniwal encouraged the students for sports. National and International players participated in this lecture.

State Level Collage Making Competition

State level collage making competition was organized by English Department on 9th February, 2021. The theme of which was Victorian Age.
1st Ankita, Radhika from Tika Ram PG Girls College, Sonipat
2nd Tannu, Tannu from Kanyamahavidhalya, Kharkhoda
3rd Priyanka, Preeti from T. D. L. G. S. W Murthal
Consolation goes to
Pankaj, Mohammad from Guru Nanak Institution of higher Education and Deepanshu,
Gaurav from Desh Bandhu Gupta Govt. College, Panipat

Seminar by Placement Cell

A seminar was organized by placement cell on 8th Feb,2021. The main theme of the seminar was "PERSONNAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT BEYOND ACEDAMICS", which was enlightened by District Assistant Employment Officer Dr. Rajesh Duhan as a chief guest and main speaker. Honorable speaker delivered his seminar talk on the topic. He aware students about precious life and also stressed that each student should set his/her aim. Co. author Mr. Sahil Gandhi also provide some useful tips on professional developments on power point presentation to students of M.A. Economics, M.Com., B.Com. and B.A. final. This seminar was organized by head of placement cell officer Dr. savita. Other faculty members such as Mrs. Sunita , HOD Commerce dept., Monika, Nisha and Mamta were also attended the seminar. Programme was ended by thanks giving speech to all participants, resource person and faculty member by Shakuntla, Department of Economics

Speech Competition by Hindi department

Speech competition was organized by Hindi department on 10 February, 2021
1st Reena from Tika Ram PG Girls College, Sonipat
2nd Mayank from CRA College, Sonipat
3rd Pranav Hooda from Hindu College Sonipat
4th Alisha from Tika Ram PG Girls College, Sonipat

One Day Visit to SIRTAR

One day visit was organized by Psychology Department on 26 February, 2021 for SIRTAR. 20 Students went for this.

Quiz Competition by Maths Department

Quiz Competition was organized by Maths Department on 20 February, 2021.
1st Harshit, Priyanka from CRA College, Sonipat
2nd Ritu, Anjali from Tika Ram PG Girls College, Sonipat
3rd Nitin, Rajiv from Hindu College, Sonipat
Consolation goes to Aman, Akshay from IB College, Panipat

Health Checkup Camp

Health Checkup camp was organized by Women Cell of our college on 2 March, 2021. Dr. Ritu(D. C. P. O) Sonipat and Surekha Hooda(DCWO) Sonipat was the Chief Guest in this camp. Dr. Meenu Batra(Homoeopathy), Mr. Rakesh Kalesh(Psychologist), Dr. Sapna(Physiotherapirst) and Dr. Jyoti(Dentist) were also present in this camp. 350 students were registered in this camp.

Educational Survey by Department of Economics

An educational Survey held on 22nd February, 2021. Theme of the survey was " an analysis of consumption pattern: a study of Lehrara Village " by Department of Economics.

Shalok Uchaaran Competition

Sanskrit Department has organized SHALOk UCHAARAN Competition on 12 Feb. 2021.
Result are given below:
1st , Manju from T.R.(P.G.) Girls College ,Sonepat.
2nd Jyoti ,from Kanya Mahavidhyalaya ,Kharkhoda.
3rd, Chetna from G.V.M.College ,Sonipat.
Consolation prize
1st.- Anshul Malik from ,Sonipat.
2nd Priyanka from T.R.(P.G.)Girls college sonipat.

State Level Poetic Recitation & Poster Making Competition

Women Cell of Tika Ram Girls College organised State Level Poetic Recitation and Poster Making Competition on 20th February 2021. 12 teams participated in this competition. The theme of the competition was Women empowerment and gender equality. In poetic recitation Ajay of Hindu college got first position,Nagma of CDL Govt college Murthal got 2nd position and Amit of Arya college Panipat got 3rd position. In poster making competition Vikas of Hindu college got 1st position,paras of Arya PG College Panipat got 2nd position and Ridhi of Tikaram girls college got 3rd position. Principal Dr Monika Verma honoured the winners and encouraged all the participants.

Poster Making and Slogan Writing Competition

Geography Department has organized Poster Making and Slogan Writing Competition on 9th February 2021.
Result are given below
Solgan writing
1st Geeta T. R (PG) Girls College, Sonipat
2nd Mayank C.R.A College, Sonipat
3rd Aushul C.R.A College, Sonipat
Tushar Pawar Hindu College, Sonipat
Poster Making Competition
1st Simran Govt. College Murthal
2nd Alisha T.R.G (PG) Girls College, Sonipat
3rd Pooja Vaish Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya Bahadurgard
Akansha kumari vidyaanti anand DAV college for women, Karnal

Speech and Ad-Mad Show

Speech and Ad-Mad Show organised by Commerce Department on 11 Feb 2021
1st Parnav from Hindu College, Sonepat
2nd Bhumika from TR PG Girls College, Sonepat
3rd Vash from Arya Kanya Mahavidhyalaya Bhadurgarh
Mayank from CRA College, Sonepat
Anjali from Kanya Mahavidhyalya, Kharkhoda
Ad-Mad Show
1st Himanshu, Nandan, Shalu from Deshbandhu College, Panipat
2nd Nagma, Sublesh, Rubi Govt College, Murthal
3rd Tanna, Sunena, Kiran Kanya Mahavidhyalaya Kharkhoda

State Level Power Point Competition

Power Point Presentation was organized by Physics Department on 19 February, 2021
1st Harshit from CRA College, Sonepat
2nd Richa from K.V.A.D.A.V. Women College, Karnal
3rd Ashu from Tika Ram PG Girls College, Sonipat
Consulation goes to
Aditya from CRA College, Sonepat
Annu from Tika Ram PG Girls College, Sonipat
Shiwani from K.V.A.D.A.V. Women College, Karnal

State Level Power Point Competition

Power Point Presentation was organized by Computer Department on 9 February, 2021
1st Khusi from Kanya Mahavidhalya Kharkhoda
2nd Mayank from CRA College, Sonipat
3rd Diksha from Tika Ram PG Girls College, Sonipat

Inter College Poster & Collage Making Competition

Inter College Poster and Collage Making Competition organized by History Department on 09/02/2021 on topic Freedom Fighter

Poster making
1st Vikas(BSc) from Hindu College Sonipat
2nd Nikita(BA) T.R. PG. Girls College Sonipat
3rd Preeti(BA) T. D. L. G. C. W Murthal
Consolation goes to Anjali(BA) Hindu Girls College

Collage Making
1st Vikrat(MA) Hindu College Sonipat
2nd Devi(BSc) T. D. L. G. C. W Murthal
3rd Anjali Tomar(BSc) Hindu Girls College Sonipat
Consolation goes to Versha(MA) Vaish Arya Kanya Mahavidhalya Panipat

7 Days NSS Camp Mehlana Village

NSS seven days camp was organised by College in Mehlana Village from 10.2.2021 to 16.2.2021. In which Dr Ranvir Gullia NSS programme coordinator MDU Rohtak was the chief guest. Different activities was done this camp on 11th February first aid training was given to volenteers, 12th February Blood Donation camp was organized and 15th February health and fitness tips was given by Dr Sumaan mann Assistant Professor in Sports. All these activities was organized by Dr Savita Assistant Professor in Economics and Dr Upasana Assistant Professor in Political Science.

Power Point Presentation Competition 11th Feb 2021

State level Power Point Presentation Competition was organized by Chemistry Department on 5th February 2021 in which Manisha B.Sc. (F) from IB PG College, Panipat got 1st position, Kiran Devi M. Sc. (F) from Tika Ram PG Girls college, Sonipat got 2nd position and Shalu Devi M. Sc. (P) from Tika Ram PG Girls College got 3rd position

State Level Intercollege Yoga Competition

State Level Intercollege Yoga Competition organised by Sports Department of Tika Ram Girls College Sonepat on 9th Feb 2021. Result
1st Position: Maharani Kishori Jaat College, Rohtak
2nd Position: Tika Ram Girls College, Sonipat
3rd Position: Aggarwal College, Vallabgarh
Hindu Girls College, Sonipat
Kanya Mahavidhalya, Kharkhoda
Vaish Arya Kanya Mahavidhalya, Bahadurgarh

Debate Competition 6th Feb 2021

Inter College debate competition was organised by Department of Political Science of Tika Ram Girls College on Feb 06, 2021. Result
1st Reena from T. R. PG Girls College, Sonipat
2nd Pranav from Hindu College, Sonipat
3rd Mayank from C.R. A College, Sonipat
Consolation goes to
Anshul from C. R. A College, Sonipat
Shivani from Kanyamahavidhalya, Kharkhoda

Quiz Competition 3rd February, 2021

1st position Rohit Sinha, Suraj Sharma from JLN govt. College, Faridabaad
2nd position Radhika, Akshita Walai from Hindu Girls college, Sonipat
3rd position Ankit, Suruchi from C.R.A college Sonipat
Consolation Rohit, Ankush from Markanda National College
and Prachi, Pooja from Tika Ram PG Girls college, Sonipat

NSS Camp

One day NSS camp was organized by Tika Ram Girls College on 31st January 2021

Corona Awareness Program, January 19, 2021

Corona Awareness Program was organized by the volunteers of NSS Unit 1 and NSS Unit 2 in our College on 19.01.2021

National Youth Day, January 12, 2021

National Youth Day was celebrated by Political Science and History Department organized by Swami Vivekananda Youth Cell on 12/01/2021

Corona Virus Safety Oath

Awareness Program on "Prevention and Cure of Corona Virus"

Red Cross Cell and Women Cell of Tika Ram Girls college organised awareness program on "Prevention and Cure of Corona Virus" on 7th March 2020. Dr Monika Verma encouraged the students to maintain personal hygiene to avoid the infection and spread of this diseases. Masks were also distributed among the students in this occasion.

Health Check Up Camp

Red Cross cell of Tika Ram organised Health check-up Camp in which Sugar, Cholesterol and Haemoglobin of the students were checked by Dr. Lal Path labs. Dr. Monika Verma also encouraged the students to take healthy diet so that they don't suffer from Anaemia.

National Deworming Day

National Deworming Day was held in Tika Ram College by NSS and Red Cross Cell of College. Its aim was to treat intestinal worm infections in girls. Its aim was to improve their overall health, cognitive development, nutritional status and quality of life. Principal Dr Monika Verma distributed Albendazole tablets to the girls. She also aware the girls about cleanliness, hygiene, use of toilets, wearing shoes, washing hands etc to reduce incidence of re-infection.

National Youth Day

In Tika Ram Girls College, Red Ribbon Club Sonepat organised awareness program on HIV, AIDS. Dr Surrender, SIT Counsellor delivered a lecture to aware the students about AIDS. Rangoli making competetion was also organised.

Republic Day 26th Jan 2020

Flag hoisting ceremony was organised by our college on tha occasion of Republic Day on 26 January, 2020

National Seminar on 'Diaspora and Indian English Literature'

One day National Seminar on 'Diaspora and Indian English Literature' was organized by the Department of English. It was sponsored by the Director of Higher Education Haryana. In morning session Dr. Sushma Yadav, VC from BPDMV was the Chief guest and in the Valedictory session Dr. R.B. Solanki, VC from CRS University Kind was the Chief guest. Dr. Rajender Kumar Anayath, VC from DCRUST, Murthal was the keynote speaker. Professor Randeep Rana from MDU, University Rohtak Dr. Anil Aneja from DU, Delhi, Dr. Sujata Rana from DCRUST, Dr. Amrita Sharma from BPDMV were the resource person.

Youth Festival 2019-20

Zonal Youth festival was organised by our college from 4th to 6th November, 2019. The host college participated in all the events and won following position in various events mentioned below. INDIAN CLASS MUSIC VOCAL – I

Awareness Program on Democracy

Awareness Program on Haryana Vidhansabha Election was organized in our college on 09.10.2019. In this program Sh. Anshaj Singh D.C. was chief guest and Sh. Jaiber Singh Arya A.D.C was guest of Honour. They encourage the students to cast their valuable vote to deserving candidate as our vote is very important for maintain democracy.


N.S.S. Day Celebrated on 24th September,2019 in college campus. In this various activities were performed by NSS Unit 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th in college campus.

Hindi Divas

Hindi Divas is celebrated by Hindi Department on 14th September, 2019. In this different events were organised by Hindi Department.

Rally By NSS Unit

A rally was organized by the volunteers of NSS Unit-II of Tika Ram Girls College on the topic Poshan Mass Abhiyan on 13 September, 2019, at Mission Chowk Sardaro Wali Gali.

Lecture on Physical Fitness and Nutrition

A lecture was delivered by Dr. Neeraj Yadav on physical fitness and nutrition on 12 September, 2019

Survey by Geography Department

A survey was organized in village Jahri by Geography Department. In this survey data was collected regarding literacy, education, employment and other financial issues

Poster making Competition

A Poster Making competition was organized, on the topic of Poshan Abhiyan by NSS unit 2 Volunteers on 9 September, 2019

Live Show

Prime Minister of India Sh Narender Modi's speech on "Fit India Movement" on 29 August, 2019

Tree Plantation 28 August 2019

A Tree Plantation was organized by our college in Rainy season in college campus on 28 August, 2019 by the NSS units.

Live Show

"Nav Tarang"
Saheedo ko Naman on 10 August, 2019

Freshers' Party 2019

Fresher party of different departments were organized in the college in the month of August 2019. The students organized the party for their juniors. The students performed dance and other activities.

Flag Hoisting 15th August 2019

Flag hosting ceremony and Independence Day function was organized by our college on the occasion of Independence day 15 August, 2019

Teej Celebration

Teej Festival was organized on 2nd August, 2019 in our college. On this occasion occasion girls enjoyed swings in folk dress. Mehandi and Rangoli competition was also organized in the college.

Play by NSS Volunteers

A play was organized by NSS volunteers of the college on 1st August, 2019 to spread awareness about the importance of water conservation. They encouraged the people not only the save water but also to grow more and more plants.

Vocational Guidance Week

During " Vocational Guidance Week " a programme on " Banking Services and Self Employment " was organized in Our college by Distt. Employment Office, Sonipat on 25th July, 2019. Sh. Vijay Singh, SDM cum Administrator was the chief guest. LDM Sh. Tula Ram and Banker Mr. Sushil Prasad told about the jobs related to Banking Sector. Distt. Employment officer Mr. Rajesh Sangwan also addressed the students.

Begining of Session 2019-20 & Hawan

Hawan on the starting of session 2019-2020 was done. On this occassion Principal Dr Monika Verma motivated the students and students take the oath to perform well all in spheres of their life.

Save Water

A function was organized in Our college on "Save Water". Trees were planted by the students with a vow to take care of the trees also. A rally was also organized in which the students of our college and others school participated. On this occasion Mr. Ramesh Kaushik, member of Parliament DC Mr. Vinay Singh Malik and SDM Mr. Vijay Singh encouraged the students to conserve our environment.

5th International Yoga Day

Our college participated in the 5th International Yoga Day on 21st June 2019. This event was organised to spread importance of yoga in day to day life.

Rally by NSS Volunteers

NSS Volunteers of Tika Ram Girls College brought awareness in the society regarding voting. A rally was organized for this purpose.

Farewell Party 2019

Farewell party of different departments were organized in the college. The students organized the party for their seniors. The students performed dance and other activities.

Seminar on Telphone Accounting Software

Deparment Of Economics and Commerce organized a seminar on "Telephone Accounting Software". In this seminar Tele Master Mr. Mukesh informed the students about accounting software being used now a days.

NSS Camp

Tika Ram Girls College organized a seven days NSS camp from 22nd March 2018 to 28nd March 2018, in Lehrara village, District Sonepat.

Holi Celebration

The auspiciois occassion Holi was celebrated in the College on 16th March 2019. The staff and syudent get together to play Holi. The festive mood was witnessed by all the staff in presence of Honorable Principal Dr Monika Verma.

Seminar on Women Empowerment

A seminar was held in the college on women empowerment Prof. B.S. Rathor, Modi University, Lax Prangarh, Rajesthan was the spaeker on this occasion. He elaborate the role of women in Indian Economy.

Yakult Industrial Visit

An Industrial Visit was organized by the Commerce Department on 13/3/2019 at Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd. for the students of our College. It was a learning experience for students filled with joy.

Women's Day Celebration

Women Cell of our college celebrate International women's Day. Speech Competition, Poetic Recitation and Skit was organized on this occasion. In speech competition Ritu and Aarti got 1st position, Sangeetha got 2nd position, Chalsiya got 3rd position.
In poetic competition Preeti got 1st position, Anu and Sarika got 2nd position, Priya got 3rd position.

Living in the Shadows

"Living in the Shadows" (Survivers of Acid Attack) was organized by District Legal Services Bureau in our college. In this Sh. Taiyab Hussain, Chief Judicial Magistrate, told about the legal and financial aid provided by the Govt to acid attack survivor.

Road Safety Awareness Program

Road safety Awareness Program was organized by college. In this program 9 Competitions were organized, in which Ruchi got 1st position, Prachi got 2nd and Rinki got 3rd position.

Blood Donation Camp

Indian Red cross society organized a Blood Donation camp in college, 50 students of the college donated blood.

Mathura and Varindavan Trip

A trip was organized by the Chemistry Department for Mathura and Varindavan on 3rd March 2019.

Tour and Trip

A trip to Chandigarh was organized by Political Science and Maths Deptt on 25 Feb 2019.

Road Safety Week

Road safety week celebration from 4th Feb to 10th Feb 2019.

Punyatithi of Sh. Chhotu Ram

On the occasion of Shri Chhotu Ram’s Punyatithi “Hawan” was performed in the premises of College. Management, Principal, Staff and Students of the college paid tribute to him on this day.

National Voters' Day Seminar

“National Voters' day” was celebrated in Tika Ram Girls College on 25th January 2019. Sh Vinay Singh, Deputy Commissioner, Sonipat was the chief guest. He awared the students about the importance of vote in democracy. SDM, sh. Prashant Panwar, also addressed the students and encouraged them to use their vote wisely.

National Seminar

On 19th Jan, 2019 one day National seminar was organized by college. It was sponsored by DGHE. The theme of the seminar was "Relevance of Gandhian Ideology in the Contemporary World". Dr Rajbir Singh, Vice Chancellor, MDU, Rohtak was the chief guest and Dr. Dharambir Singh was keynote speaker. Retd. IAS Sh. Balbir Singh Malik honored the delegates with certificate.

Road safety Awareness Program

Road safety Awareness Program was organized in the college. IAS Mr. Prashant Panwar was the eminent speaker. He inspired the students to follow all the rules of the road.

Sports Day

Sports day was organized by college on 5th Nov 2018

Competition by Traffic Police

Writing competition on Safety Rules was organized by Traffic Police on 23rd OCt 2018

Various Competitions

In College various competition like Salogan writing, Poster making and Awareness rally was organized on 8th Oct 2018. Through the rally the students encourage the society for Blood Donation


On the Occasion of NSS day, 24th Sept, NSS units 1st and 2nd organized a rally with strong appealing slogans and effective message on Women Empowerment, Women Safety and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao.

Seminar by Haryana Human Right Commission

In college a Seminar was organized by Haryana Human Rights Commission on "The Role of students in Maintaining the Communal Harmony" It was inaugurated by Retired Chief Justice Sh Satish Mittal, Retired Justice K.C. Juri, Sh Deep Bhatia( member of HHRC), Sh S.C. Goyal ( Registrar HHRC).

Medical Camp

On Saturday, 15th Sept Youth Red Cross of College, organized a camp to check sugar level. Lal Path Lab checked the sugar level of all the volunteers.

Hindi Divas

Essay and Debate competition was organized in the college, in which Principal, Dr. Monika Verma, told about the importance of Hindi.

Extention Lecture : Commerce and Economics Department

On Tuesday, 11th Sept extension lecture was organized by Commerce and Economics department. In this programme, Mr. Jafruddin awarded students about mutual funds, share market, fixed deposits and other economic information.

Women Empowerment Rally

A rally was organized by College on 24th August 2018, on Women Empowerment and Women's Safety.

Slogan Writing competition

A salogan writing competition was organized by college on 23rd August related to women empowerment n women's safety

Independence day

On 15th August, Principal Dr. Monika Verma hoisted the flag along with staff member

Teej Celebration

On the Occasion of Teej festival(11th August) events of fine arts were organized by college.

Road Safety Programme

On 4 Aug, Road safety programme was organized by college, In which Chief guest Tayb Hussan motivated the students regarding road safety rules with various life concerning examples.

Women Safety Programme

On 30 July, Women safety programme was organized by college, In which the Sub Inspector Tulsi Mahila Thana Sonipat motivated and guided the students for Durga Sakti App regarding Women safety.

Orientation Program 2018-19

Tika Ram PG Girls College, started its new academic session 2018-19 with "Hawan". Two days orientation programme on 13-14 July was organized by the college.

Swachh Bharat Summer Internship

Swachh Bharat Summer Internship 15 June to 15 July is being organized by NSS unit of Tika Ram Girl College under the guidance of Dr Upasna in village Kakroi. It's aim is to bring complete cleanliness in the villages and to inspire the villagers to maintain it.

International Yoga Day

International Yoga day was celebrated in Tika Ram Girls College. Principal Dr. Monika Verma, staff members and students performed various asans and took pledge to remain healthy through Yoga.

Inter College Competition

On 27th and 28th March 2018, our college have organised Inter college competition. In which many college have participated. There were 5 stages on which different items were performed. In which, Arya college panipat got overall trophy, CRA college was 1st runner up and GVM college was 2nd runner up.

Annual Function 10th March 2018

An Annual Function was organized by college on 10 March 2018 in which Sh. Deepender Singh Hooda was Chief Guest

National Seminar 28.02.2018

National Seminar on 'Women Rights & Awareness : Emerging Trends' was organized by Women Cell Tika Ram PG Girls college on 28 Feb 2018, supported by Directorate of Higher Education Haryana.

Convocation Function

The Convocation Function is organized by Tika Ram PG Girls college on 22 Feb 2018. In which Dr. Bijender kumar Punia Vice - Chancellor MDU Rohtak was Chief Guest and Dr. Vandana Punia Prof. of Education GJ University Hisar was Guest of Honour